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CellMetrix Thermal Runaway Detector Enhancements

Our new CellMetrix non-intrusive thermal runaway and battery aging detector is gaining wide acceptance all across the U.S. with telecom and large industrial users. System operators no longer need to worry about dealing with a thermal runaway crisis, as thermal runaway can now be predicted well in advance and prevented by pro-active and informed maintenance. One of the main problems with manual PMs and many battery monitoring systems is that they don’t correlate the many variables that accurately predict a thermal runaway event. While some expensive enterprise-class software platforms have decision algorithms that attempt to predict and preempt thermal runaway, they are all too often complex, inaccurate and ineffective. CellMetrix solves the problem by pushing the intelligence down into the local site controller level, close to the source of the event. CellMetrix’s patent-pending technology automates the thermal runaway decision process and gives operators several options to manually or automatically manage the event. One of the newly added features that is creating smiles on the faces of system operators is the ability to remotely stop a thermal runaway. As a thermal runaway begins, CellMetrix will notify the operator of the developing situation. The operator can choose to manually turn off the charger via a command to CellMetrix or can have CellMetrix automatically turn off the charger and notify maintenance personnel. 

Thermal Runaway Prevention 

Thermal runaway is often thought of as a crisis requiring immediate attention and, if left unattended long enough, it truly will be a crisis! However many thermal runaway events can and do start slowly and worsen over months. Manual quarterly PM visits may not pick up the event until it is too late, as PMs don’t
 consider all of the parameters that CellMetrix monitors. Also, they don't correlate multiple parameters to determine the event’s root source. In the event shown on the graph, VRLA batteries heated only 10 degrees above the ambient temperature of 67 degrees, but this exacerbated the battery dryout, elevated float charging current and reduced ohmic measurements. This combination of parametric changes might not have caught anyone’s attention in a typical PM report, but CellMetrix spotted it before it became catastrophic. Once re-hydrated by the team at Battery Research and Testing, Inc., the float current dropped significantly, ohmic values improved dramatically, and temperatures returned to normal. Remote monitoring systems provide a wealth of historical and real time data that, if correlated with other monitored parameters, can predict thermal events well in advance of a problem and can provide time to schedule and correct the underlying condition before bad things happen.

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Altilium Enterprise-Class Monitoring Software

Many enterprise-class software platforms are complex, expensive and often don’t live up to their advertising. Altilium, our enterprise-class software, solves these problems and that is likely why Altilium has recently been adopted by many large telecom operators and government 
agencies. Altilium is changing the value proposition for large-enterprise monitoring software by increasing its capabilities while significantly lowering costs. Altilium now has over 400 equipment types modeled, including battery monitoring systems, standards-based OSP transponders (cable Television operators), charger controllers like Alpha’s Cordex, and many different UPS models. Altilium was designed specifically for monitoring critical power infrastructure systems and allows users to easily add support for new equipment types via simple configuration templates. No longer do operators need to wait months and pay thousands to add monitoring support for new equipment. In addition, Altilium provides a powerful scripting engine which allows operators to develop new features on their own instead of being dependent on the software provider. This is just the beginning for Altilium. Our goal is to continue to drive down the price of enterprise-class software while continually adding major new capabilities.

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Lead-acid batteries have been around for hundreds of years... maybe more, depending on with whom you speak. So is it surprising that a two hundred year old market is still growing by leaps and bounds today? According to the Freedonia Group, world demand for batteries will increase 8.1% in 2016. “Lead-acid battery sales to industrial and other markets will be the fastest growing market segments through 2016,” stated Freedonia’s 2016 world battery study. Imagine a world without batteries. Would it even be possible?

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