System Description

ContactAgent is a modular, "point-of-use" monitoring and control system. The system consists of the ContactAgent Master Unit, plus RIM (Remote Input Module) and ROM (Remote Output Module) remote expansion modules. The ContactAgent Master Unit has built-in capability to monitor up to 8 digital contact-closure inputs, plus the ability to control 2 contact-closure outputs. The capability of the Master Unit can be easily expanded through the use of RIM and ROM slave modules placed at the point of use and connected to the Master Unit with common CAT-5 ethernet cabling. All communications between the master and slave unit, including operating power for the slave units, is passed over this single interconnection "daisy-chain", greatly simplifying the wiring task.

Each of up to 4 additional RIM modules adds 6 additional monitored inputs to the system, plus local AC utility power monitoring and point-of-use temperature and humidity (option). Each RIM input can be programmed to respond to contact closures or it can measure analog voltages. When programmed as analog monitoring points, each input has a DC measurement range of +/-12VDC with accuracy of +/-2% and measurement resolution of 25mV. A special RMS analog mode allows an input to measure 50-60Hz AC voltages of arbitrary waveform.

Each of up to 4 additional ROM modules adds 4 additional remotely controllable Form-C relay contacts. The relays are mechanically latched, so they maintain their state during a system power loss. the ROM also contains point-of-use temperature and humidity (option) sensors.

The ContactAgent system is fully programmable and remotely operable, via either the built-in web pages or via its industry-standard SNMP interface. All inputs can be individually configured to generate alarms under user-defined conditions, and an email client can be configured to send alarm messages to up to e email addresses

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