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Telecom, wireless, Cable TV, Railroads and other industries make extensive use of battery backed  outside-plant power systems. Often in remote, hard to access sites, these systems are vital to mission-critical services and require regular monitoring and pro-active maintenance. PowerAgent transponders can be installed in these power systems to continuously monitor equipment status & battery condition as well as enabling remote testing capabilities. A wide range of transponder types is available for many popular brands and models of OSP power systems. All feature SNMP monitoring interfaces, built-in web servers, email alerts, telnet configuration and remote firmware update capability.



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A monitoring system is only as good as the software that runs it. PBT gives you “Freedom of Software”, the freedom to choose the best management software system for your enterprise’s needs. Our standards-based SNMP interface is open and documented and is already supported by many popular network management software products. In addition, PBT has several software options to offer you, including our free Lookout utility and our enterprise-class Altilium software system which can manage tens of thousands of monitored sites.



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