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Video01Thumb Company Overview
This video describes our company and product lines.
Video05Thumb Apollo 13 Explosion
Battery level prediction saves the lives of the Apollo 13 astronauts following an outer space explosion.


Video02Thumb Float Current
This video details the importance of maintaining proper float current operation and the consequences if float current falls too far out of tolerance.
Video03Thumb Randles Model
This video describes the fundamental theory behind lead acid battery technology, using the Randles theoretical battery model as a guide.


VideoPlayerSensor Installation Install PBT Sensors
This is an educational video detailing the installation of PBT sensors on 2-volt high capacity lead acid cell.
Video06Thumb Configure TCP/IP Settings in the SC3 Controller Using Telnet
This video shows how to configure TCP/IP settings in PBT’s SC3 Controller using Telnet.
Change a Controller’s IP Address Via Serial USB Connection
This video shows how to change a controller’s IP address via serial USB connection.
Video08Thumb Change a Controller’s SNMP Trap Configuration
This video shows how to log into a site controller to set or change the SNMP trap configuration.
Video09Thumb Change PBT Email Settings
This video demonstrates how to log into a site controller to set or change the email settings for alarms.

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