What is PowerAgent BMS?



The PowerAgent BMS is a remote monitoring system that alerts managers to degradations in the power-producing capacity of batteries in their inside/outside-plant uninterruptible power supplies. Based on advanced patent-pending technology called “admittance” testing, the BMS employs DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and standards-based interface protocols to facilitate seamless integration of battery monitoring into an enterprise-wide network management fabric.





How Does it Work?

PowerAgent Sensor 72A lead acid battery can be characterized by an equivalent circuit of three resistances that limit its performance:

  • A current-limiting resistance (Relectrolyte) attributable to the battery chemistry
  • A current-limiting resistance (Rmetal) attributable to the internal connections
  • A self-discharge resistance (Rleakage) which causes the battery to lose charge even when no load is connected

These internal parameters are commonly called “ohmic” measurements, and “admittance” is a composite of all the battery’s ohmic parameters. Ohmic measurements, together with individual battery temperature are widely recognized as leading indicators of a battery’s state-of-health.

Each PowerAgent BMS sensor generates a digitally synthesized sinusoidal AC test signal (Itest) which is passed through the battery terminals in order to measure the battery’s admittance. A site control unit communicates with each of the sensors to collect these admittance measurements, along with battery voltage and terminal post temperature.

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