Why Battery Monitoring?

Mission-critical services and critical infrastructure facilities require reliable, un-interruptable power. For these applications, it is common to have backup battery plants which can run the equipment at the site for hours, or at least until a backup generator is ready to take the load. Batteries are a weak link in any mission-critical power system, and must be monitored & pro-actively maintained in order to obtain the rated service life and the longest possible run times. Remote battery monitoring can save maintenance costs, predict impending battery failures, extend battery service life and improve overall site availability. The PBT PowerAgent battery monitoring system has the added benefit of being a comprehensive facilities monitoring system, extending its monitoring and control capabilities to generators, charger/inverters, HVAC systems and building monitoring.


Why is PowerAgent BMS the Best Battery Monitoring System on the Market Today”?


It is the most flexible, scalable, easily installed and lowest priced system available. Rather than requiring an expensive and proprietary control unit and complex battery interface wires running throughout the battery plant as in competitive systems, the  PowerAgent BMS system uses small intelligent sensors mounted to each battery to provide exact information on a battery by battery basis. These sensors are then daisy-chained together with common CAT-5 (Ethernet) jumper cables to deliver individual battery-specific information to a small, affordable, standards-based site control unit, which in turn shares it with the desired monitoring program over an LAN, WAN, or the Internet. Since mechanical and electrical connections to the battery are only made once at installation time, subsequent readings are consistent and accurate.

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