Increasingly, cell phone service is being relied upon as the first line of communications for households and businesses. Recent natural disasters such as hurricanes have put cell phone reliability in the national spotlight and backup power for cell sites is becoming increasingly important. As the industry progresses towards 5G, this requirement will increase. PBT has the only battery monitoring system designed for Cell sites. Our patented CellMetrix system was designed hand-in-hand with one of the nation’s largeest cell phone providers and is completely non-intrusive.

The PBT Battery Monitoring System was designed specifically for Telecom and is cost-scaleable for large or small battery installations. PBT BMS systems are the de-facto standard for Cable TV networks, but are also in widespread use in other Telecom environments such as equipment huts, closet installations and traffic light controllers.<br /><br /> Contact us today and let's talk about what would solutions we have for you.

Recent Federal regulations require electric generation utilities to provide periodic measurements on their standby battery power systems. Most now recognize that manual measurement methods are time consuming and expensive and are now deploying automated data collection systems such as PBT&rsquo;s Battery Monitoring System. PBT&rsquo;s system meets all the requirements of the PRC-006 standard.<br /><br /> Contact us today and let's talk about what would solutions we have for you.

Government agencies such as NIST, DARPA, WAPA, BPA and others rely on PBT&rsquo;s BMS to know the condition of their critical facilities battery installations. PBT can provide references within these agencies to vouch for the effectiveness of our BMS system.<br /><br /> Contact us today to see how we can help support your agency.

Data Centers are one of the largest consumers of electric energy and are depended upon for very high standards of availability. Down-time can cost millions of dollars per minute. Batteries are employed as a bridge power source until backup generators can cut in and so the condition of those batteries is of paramount importance. PBT&rsquo;s BMS system is in use with some of the world&rsquo;s largest and best known data system operators.<br /><br /> Contact us today and let's talk about what would be an ideal solution for you.