PBT ramps up Data Analysis Services to predict failures and determine battery replacement.

There are two very significant values that remote battery monitoring provides for network operators. The first value is to promptly notify operation centers of problems at remote sites so a technician can be sent to the site to correct the problem as quickly as possible. Battery monitoring systems in combination with NOC center procedures are very good at resolving these trouble situations quickly.

The second value monitoring provides is, in our view, potentially of far more value than trouble notification. By using the regularly collected data from the BMS, our Data analysis services can predict battery failures and help operators understand when battery replacements will be needed in the future. Over the last 24 months, Phoenix Broadband has invested heavily in automating battery monitoring data analysis. PBT looks at periodic measurement data, event data, discharge data, alarming data and more to help identify and predict battery replacements, run time, thermal runaway months in advance, charger problems, environmental problems and

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